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These marketing software packages with the highest user ratings assist organizations in focusing on clients in 2022 and beyond.

You need clients to expand, whether you operate a startup or an established company. Retaining existing clients and acquiring new ones helps your firm remain competitive and visible on the market. Marketing software is one of the most effective instruments for achieving these objectives.

Marketing software enhances your brand’s visibility, increases conversion rates, and generates more cash for your organization. However, marketing is a broad term that encompasses numerous functions. To construct a successful marketing stack, you must discover items that meet your specific marketing requirements, such as:

  • Marketing automation is the automation of numerous marketing workflows, such as email marketing, lead creation, social media management, and tracking customer behavior.
  • Social media marketing automates the content generation and scheduling across social media platforms.
  • Content marketing entails the creation and storage of content as well as its delivery across marketing platforms.
  • Email marketing includes planning and implementing email marketing programs and monitoring performance indicators.

We have produced a list of the top marketing software to equip your organization for success in 2022 and beyond with the proper tools. Each product in this article supports essential marketing workflows and is listed in GetApp’s Category Leaders reports, annual software rankings based on verified user ratings.

Here is an easy-to-read side-by-side comparison of each product’s features to help you grasp each program’s marketing functionalities.
Let’s delve deeper into each product’s particulars. We will examine product ratings, cost, integrations, and support choices, among other factors.

1. EngageBay
EngageBay is an all-in-one cloud-based marketing, sales, and support platform that assists firms with marketing automation, email marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), and customer service.


“Great functionality, affordable cost, and the quickest (immediate) assistance I’ve ever encountered in an email marketing tool.”

“Their 24-hour customer service is excellent, and their crew is cooperative. Therefore, you should test this because it offers a high-end CRM’s features at a fraction of the price.”

“Effective and efficient program that is intuitive and easy to use. Excellent CRM for Marketing automation and excellent customer service.”

Not being able to check the personalization of an email campaign before sending it is one of the elements I struggle with.

“I quickly discovered that my marketing manager’s usefulness was limited.”

There is a slight delay before the chat participant arrives.

2. Referrer
Referrer is a cloud-based lead management and marketing application that provides a single platform for businesses to capture leads, manage referrals, track customer communication, and manage reviews, among other functions.


“Not only are we able to maintain a customer database, but we can also personalize and send emails and messages directly from it, as well as implement a rewards system. Also, it’s quite simple to use, which is a plus.”

It unifies your contacts, marketing, and various features into a single, user-friendly system.

“The software is functional and user-friendly. It provides me the marketing capabilities my business lacked.”


It was difficult to locate when searching for small business referral programs.

“Lack of DKIM and SPF support causes email marketing to primarily end up in spam,”

“Initial consumer loads caused vendor contacts to get spam.” Needed to categorize better to distinguish client types and better target communications to avoid mass spam and unsubscribes.”

3. Semrush

Semrush is a tool for managing online visibility that helps organizations enhance their online presence by proposing high-volume keywords, providing SEO analytics, and improving content, among other things.


“Semrush is a very user-friendly software, and the navigation bar is easy to find; the SEO tools and auditing tools may assist even a newbie in expanding his/her website effectively.”

“SEMrush is the most powerful SEO tool for performing backlink analysis. You can modify your SEMrush menu based on the tools you use most frequently.”

“I appreciate that Semrush provides reliable SEO data. This tool enables me to plan my content marketing strategies.”


“The only thing I find bothersome is that several Traffic Analytics capabilities need us to upgrade to the Trends plan and pay additional fees. I believe we are paying enough for access to all data.”

“The learning curve for SEMrush can be steep, as the software frequently employs its terminology for functionality rather than industry-standard words.”

Comparing Semrush to another marketing solution with similar features and lower pricing, I find that Semrush is the best value.


SharpSpring is a cloud-based revenue growth platform that helps businesses generate leads, increase conversions, improve marketing and sales efforts, build templates for marketing emails, and increase marketing return on investment.


“We serve many clients using SharpSpring, and to date, all of their requirements have been met by the SharpSpring platform. Primarily, we appreciate their built-in retargeting module and native form options.”

“Campaign manager is a fantastic tool because it helps you to track your leads and understand where they originated efficiently. In addition, the support team is amazing.”

“At SharpSpring, CRM, Workflows, Chatbot, Lead Scoring, and Persona Building are available. SharpSpring’s support staff is also accommodating.”


SharpSpring allows you to drag, resize, and drop items into email templates, but it is not as configurable as other platforms.

“Because it is such a large platform, it can be challenging to recall how to perform every action. If you do not conduct it frequently, it may take a little time to identify how to accomplish a particular task.

“Some of the email templates are somewhat complicated. We only use the most basic templates, which serve us well.”

VBOUT is cloud-based marketing automation software that facilitates the planning and launch of successful marketing campaigns. It enables organizations to, among other things, manage leads, conducts email marketing and social media campaigns, and analyze performance indicators.


“VBout is powerful software that enables the creation of landing pages with no technical knowledge. It is easy to use, quick, and has an excellent tech support team to assist you along the route.”

Even though I am new to email marketing and automation, Vbout and their lessons have already taught me a substantial amount.

The most attractive feature of Vbout is unquestionably the ability to manage all your essential digital marketing demands within one user-friendly system.


“I have few grounds for complaint. However, there are several functions, so it takes time to learn everything.”

For smaller companies expanding their email lists, VBout provides more room for mistakes.

“We have not encountered any major problems or obstacles thus far. However, integration issues can be overcome occasionally with simple system modifications.”

These top-rated marketing software tools will help businesses keep their attention on their customers in 2022 and beyond. Contact Oregon Advertising today to talk about how we can help your business grow!