Trends in Social Media for 2023

Social media trends for 2023 are easy to predict. All you need is data.

The constant changing of audience behaviors and the need for brands to proactively respond to trends are the ongoing challenges of social media marketing. The social media landscape has seen significant change this year as we’ve observed shifting consumer preferences, the introduction of fresh technologies, and the expansion of new platforms. Marketers must prepare for what lies ahead in 2023 because the rate of change across social media platforms shows no signs of slowing down.

While there are many unknowns in the marketing world, there are several social media trends that marketers can rely on over the course of the next year. These trends are based on consumer expectations, social interaction with younger demographics, and current KPIs that are responsible for brand performance. We forecast that the following five trends will most likely have an impact on social media marketers as 2023 draws closer.

The rise of the Microinfluencers

We’ve long said influencer marketing will become more essential, and the research confirms this. Influencers assist companies of all sizes boost brand recognition and online sales. What about mini microinfluencers?

Customers value authenticity. Brands don’t necessarily need to pay for KPI-boosting materials. More brands will use social media to source user-generated content from customers in 2023.

UGC drives 29% more web conversions than non-UGC campaigns or websites. Real-life endorsements are gold for brands. This saves time and money (material is plug-and-play) and highlights a brand’s most devoted customers, enabling prospective purchasers make informed purchases.

Brands will use the latest emerging social media

Social media marketing involves testing. You’re behind if you don’t test new formats, platforms, or trends. Tests don’t always work, but that’s why they’re tests. TikTok’s success and Generation Z’s online activity will make brands more confidence in developing platforms.

BeReal is a promising new platform. Like TikTok, brands were suspicious of the app. But early adopters benefited. Chipotle uses BeReal to offer exclusive discounts and promos. The beginning. More brands will use BeReal to authentically market to Gen Z.

Branded social media accounts for customer service

The pandemic affected social media customer interactions. Customers turning to branded social pages for customer assistance was a major shift for brands.

Social media marketing has always included social customer service, but it was largely hidden. With 2020 lockdowns and travel limitations, brands found they couldn’t satisfy customer expectations without a social customer service plan. This trend has persisted for two years, and brands will see more customers using social media for service-related issues.

Two-thirds of consumers prefer to use social media to ask questions, make purchases, and get post-purchase help, according to a new Emplifi survey. The survey highlights how crucial it is for firms to coordinate customer service with social media marketing to give the greatest customer experience.

In 2023, we expect brands will harness new technology like live video streaming to give exceptional service to clients straight from social media apps. Customers can get in-store advice from the comfort of home. Orbit Baby has had success with live-streaming in social media care. As more customers want rapid reactions from firms online, we’ll see this trend take root long term.

Videos on social media above everything else

“Video is the No. 1 content format brands need to leverage,” is a phrase that marketers have heard for years. This will still be the case in 2023, but thankfully for companies, audiences will still be drawn to the rough, unpolished clips. Brands can dispense with expensive celebrity-focused advertising efforts. Instead, they’ll grab their phone to record and edit their in-app content experiences. Instagram Reels are a perfect illustration of how less-polished, more genuine material succeeds. Because they are getting quantifiable outcomes, brands are publishing more Reels. A recent study found that Reels had approximately 40% more interactions than conventional films.

The fact that marketing firms don’t necessarily need to rely on internal teams or outside agencies to produce video content makes it even more alluring. As more and more content creators use platforms like TikTok to promote products, brands have a wealth of UGC at their disposal for use in campaigns. With 32 billion views on hashtags like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, it is obvious that TikTok content has become the ideal platform for influencers and users to express their experiences. In 2023, businesses will go a step further and become more savvy about working with influencers who prioritize video content since they can assist amplify ideas that are important to audiences and scale production.

TikTok advertising will grow

Brand success on TikTok won’t be limited to user-generated content. The platform is doubling down on revenue creation by providing more alternatives for online advertising. TikTok, a relatively young platform, is having great success, holding the title of fastest-growing media app in the world, and has seen in-app consumer expenditure of more than $2.5 billion. With roughly 30 million daily active users worldwide, it’s no surprise that businesses are starting to look at TikTok’s potential, not just for raising brand awareness but also for its ability to boost profits.

The businesses using TikTok advertising are already seeing positive effects. In the second quarter of 2022, brands boosted their spending on the platform by 231% compared to the same period the previous year, according to a new analysis by Triple Whale. More amazingly, the same survey discovered that direct-to-consumer firms using TikTok were making between $1 million and $5 million in revenue.

As more businesses and sectors allocate more of their digital advertising budget to TikTok in 2023, the platform will undergo more innovations, creating greater prospects for TikTok marketing in the digital advertising sector.

Going forward

Marketers will need to embrace social media trends rather than resist them if they want to succeed in 2023. Authenticity will control all facets of marketing and be the key component that elevates a solid advertising effort.

As viewers move away from glitzy celebrity-endorsed advertisements, UGC and organic low-maintenance video will become more and more prevalent in the internet realm. Instead, consumers will still favor authentic influencer content experiences, customer feedback, and consumer reviews.

As a result, brands will be able to stretch their budgets even further while enhancing audience relationships and expanding their social media reach. The good news is that brands will have plenty of chances to leave their mark in the coming year; digital marketing is at a very fascinating period and Oregon Advertising is here to help. Contact us today to discuss your digital marketing needs!