Facebook Ads

Here we will go over the differences between a boosted post and a Facebook ad, and which is ideal for your company.

You have set up a Facebook profile for your company, spent countless hours fine-tuning all the language and creative, and are eager to connect with your customers! I would be as well! So, what is the first thing you are going to do? I am guessing this is your first ever post. But, after that, what happens? Because your site is new and has not had time to build up a following, no one is seeing the great content you are putting out.

Facebook provides the “Boost post” button to help you reach a wider audience. You can begin showing the post to a bigger audience for a small amount of money. It sounds good, it sounds fast, and it sounds appealing. However, here is why you should not press that button.

Although it is simple to enhance a post using this function, it is also highly limited because you have minimal control over your campaign parameters. Only a budget, a call to arms, a website URL, and an audience can be set. It is fine; however, the issue is with the audience. You can only choose from those who preferred your page and their friends, a location, or specific hobbies, however in Ads Manager, you can create many more audience categories and really get to your target audience when designing an ad that is part of a campaign. You can even test different audiences with the same creatives to determine which ones perform much better.

Rather than just promoting your content, here is how to use Ads Manager to build an ad based on a post you have already written. Do not be concerned. It is also a snap! Create a campaign in Ads Manager’s Campaigns tab.

A window will appear and will now open. Set up your target, budget, ad set name, and ad name, as well as your campaign name. This will create a new Ad set as well as an Ad that you can change later. To save a draft, click Save.

Then go to “Ad level” and select “use current post” from the “Ad Setup” menu, and you will be able to choose the specific post you want to boost. Now you can construct intriguing audiences at the Ad set level and publish your campaign, knowing exactly what you are doing and where your advertisements will appear.

Of course, this is not to argue that boosting your content is never a clever idea. You can still utilize “Boost post,” but it is not a long-term or scalable strategy for expanding your business. Boosting your post is a less robust marketing technique than using the Ad Manager, even though both choices are legitimate ways to get new supporters and expand the audience of your material.

While boosting articles may work inside the short run to get more people to see certain material, Ad Manager is a long-term, sustainable, and scalable solution… So, instead of having to unlearn and start over from scratch later, begin your Facebook Page voyage the right way!

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